We, the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the University of the Western Cape (UWC), are very excited to launch the Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund campaign.
This campaign further exemplifies our commitment to put our fellow students and their needs first. The purpose of the Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund is to assist academically deserving students to successfully complete their studies. As the UWC SRC, we believe that access to higher education should be a basic human right. Through this campaign we are aiming to raise R15 million which will be used to support students with bursaries, studying resources and food subsidies, ensuring they are not in want during their academic year. The Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund campaign kicks off with a collective pledge of R2 million from the University’s Executive Management and R350 000 from the UWC SRC 2015/16.

Our history of consistently achieving as an institution and student body has not made us oblivious to the concerning realities faced by many students who remain under-funded. A lack of access to funds for tuition, study materials and food is the major factor that prevents deserving students from achieving their academic and career goals. The Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund aims to be the consistent supporting arm, driven by the students for their peers.The success of this campaign is highly dependent on unified support.
Our appeal to make this campaign a success is directed towards our treasured stakeholders – our students, their parents, our alumni community, and the private and public sectors – to stand together and actively contribute in favour of securing the future of tomorrow’s leaders.
The UWC SRC invites you to support this worthy campaign by clicking the “Donate Now” button or following the easy steps to make your contribution