Our alumni, no matter how long since or however briefly they studied here, remain important stakeholders in the life of the University of the Western Cape. Many will recall their times here fondly – even through some of the darkest times of apartheid. They will remember the role that the University, its scholars, executive members and students played in the struggle for liberation. And they will recall, more recently, in the University’s bid to become a university geared and ready for the demands of the 21st century. But challenges remain. And we need the support of our alumni to help the University meet these challenges head-on. We ask that they think of contributing to The UWC Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Campaign 2016-2020 by supporting the dinners, campaigns, carnivals, challenges and other events over the coming months and years.
By making a tax-deductible donation to the University of the Western Cape, your company can link its brand to that of the University. UWC has a special place in higher education, not least for its leading role in the struggle for a democratic South Africa. Its scholars and alumni were part of the process of negotiating the country’s transition to a democracy. We remain committed to the potential of this country, on all levels – be it by providing educational opportunities, making scholarly contributions that address some of the country’s most pressing concerns, or simply by speaking out in urgent national issues And we are a truly modern university – UWC has quickly come to be recognised as a South African institution acclaimed for its research. Among other areas, we are becoming a hub for astronomy research, hosting several national research chairs linked to the international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, playing their part in the building and operations of the world’s largest and most sophisticated radio telescope.
Staff members
As a staff member of the University of the Western Cape, you probably – more than most – have a sense of what we are trying to achieve at the institution. And what we need to do so. You have also witnessed the recent protests on campus, and understand the issues that led to these sometimes worrying actions. You can help us prevent a reoccurrence through making a donation to The UWC Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Campaign 2016-2020. As a staff member, we know, you already invest in the life of the University – through a donation, your contribution becomes that greater.
Friends and supporters
You do not have to be an alumnus of UWC to support it. But if you have an interest in the role that higher education can play in our democracy and development, the University of the Western Cape is the place to support. We are changing the country for the better in so many ways, and your contribution will allow us to continue to do so.